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I must say that Dr. Gabriel went above and beyond in the surgery that he performed on me. You cannot even see where the surgery was done on my neck. I thank him for his services, a hands on doctor and a being a good person.

- Buddy H from Columbus, Ohio

After 3 spine surgeries due to degenerative disc disease and 7 years of narcotics, including a dilaudid pain pump and being told that there was nothing that could be done for me, I was introduced to Dr. Gabriel. I was very skeptical that he would be able to help me but I had nothing to lose. He performed cervical and lumbar surgery on me. Today I am off all pain meds and able to stand upright. I thank God for Dr. Gabriel and his surgical abilities. I had given up all hope and he gave me back my life.

- Roger B from Youngstown, Ohio

OMG! I don't know where to even start. Before Dr. Gabriel I had several back surgeries already. His office staff is the best. They make you feel like family. They did everything to make me feel comfortable. They are kind, respectful, and funny. Dr. Gabriel saved my back and for that I will always love him and his office.

- Johnna B from Columbus, Ohio

I am a polio victim from 1955. Due to this virus, I had multiple back problems. As an adult these back problems worsened. I had visits with many doctors. Not until Dr. Gabriel operated on me, I had experienced no more problems. It has enhanced my life greatly. I have and will refer Dr. Gabriel to all my friends and family.

- Nicholas C from Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Gabriel improved my neck and motion. I would recommend him for anyone who has neck and back problems.

- Julie M from Hebron, Ohio

Dr. Gabriel is an awesome doctor. Not only does he explain everything until you are comfortable, but he is also very personable. Dr. Gabriel cares about his patients. He has surrounded himself with a caring staff that go above and beyond. From Ginny up front to Bre in that back, his staff on several occasions have gone out of their way to help me. I would recommend Dr. Gabriel to anyone. I wish all doctors were as caring as him.

- April B from Lancaster, Ohio

Dr. Gabriel saved my life. My neck collapsed due to multiple neck injuries. I couldn't stand up or walk straight without falling. I would be paralyzed if Dr. Gabriel didn't know how to fix me. One doctor that I went to said they couldn't help me. He sent me to Dr. Gabriel and said, "good luck". Its been 3 years since my surgery and I am fully functioning and can do anything I want. I cannot express how happy I am. I am almost pain free. Thanks is not enough.

- Judy C from Columbus, Ohio

I want to thank you for giving my wife her life back and giving me fearlessness is her health. When we met with you we were not sure what to expect. Your calm demeanor and straight forwardness was very reassuring. My wife has great stability and such less pain. It is like she is a new person. Thank you for all that you have done. Central Ohio is better off now having a surgeon of your caliber amongst the many doctors here. God bless you, the work you do and the patients you touch.

- Bryce, husband of Judy C

I am a 54 year old man having experience back trouble for 30 years, until 3 years ago when something changed. After many treatments and tests with my family doctor, he suggested that I see Dr. Gabriel. After receiving my back surgery my quality of life has increased to 100%. I have been released to return to work next week and I thought I would never work again. I would like to thank Dr. Gabriel and his staff. They were very professional and made this whole ordeal relaxing and pleasant.

- Paul P from Logan, Ohio

I had neck surgery and back surgery with Dr. Gabriel. Dr Gabriel has shown me and my family an excellent bedside manner. He shared with me and my family in extensive detail what was wrong with my neck and back. He is very knowledgeable in what was needed based on my xray, MRI and CT. He explained everything very well.

- Larry C from Columbus, Ohio